Sing a Song Challenge Report 2017
Youngsters and older people are the best cocktail

Are you, or someone you know, a keen mountain climber or cyclist?


Fancy completing one, or more, of the following challenges, and at the same time raise some funds for NAPA:


  • National 3 Peaks Challenge
  • Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge
  • Ben Nevis Ascent
  • Snowdon Ascent
  • Hadrian’s Wall Cycle Walk Cycle
  • London to Paris Cycle

The challenges can be done individually or groups of people can get together, how a about a group from head office, colleagues, friends or your partners work?


There is a registration fee for each challenge (£75-£99 per person), and an additional minimum fundraising amount for each challenge.


For more information please follow the relevant link:

National 3 Peaks Challenge (£650 minimum fundraising target)

Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge (£350 minimum fundraising target)

Ben Nevis Ascent (£250 minimum fundraising target)

Snowdon Ascent (£250 minimum fundraising target)

Hadrian’s Wall Cycle Walk Cycle (£900 minimum fundraising target)

London to Paris Cycle ( £1,100 minimum fundraising target)