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The NAPA Year of Moving and Grooving

The NAPA Year of Moving and Grooving 2021 is a campaign to support the care sector to prioritise physical activity, with the aim of improving physical, psychological and social well-being. Physical activities are defined as those activities that increase your heart rate and cause you to breathe more deeply and can include walking, cycling, gardening , music or dancing, as well as other sport and exercise-based activities. We are excited to launch the campaign by making this resource available for FREE download.

The resource has been developed to support you to prioritise the wellbeing of the people you support and to promote physical activities. The ideas and activities shared are intended to inspire you, all activities can be adapted for individuals living in care homes, at home, in extra care sheltered housing, attending day and community centres or spending time in hospital. If you are planning to provide exercise as part of your physical activity programme we suggest seeking medical advise and ensuring the person leading the exercise is appropriately trained to do so, this can be a Physiotherapist, registered exercise professional or fitness instructor, Activity Professional or other health and social care staff who have the qualifications, skills and experience to deliver exercise programmes.

NAPA Awards


Don’t wait – nominate Now for the
8th NAPA Member Activity Awards 2021

Nominating someone for an award is the best possible way to publicly say how much you appreciate what they do.

Activity professionals have many and varied titles, so all are eligible for these awards. We want to hear about individuals who are innovative and creative in the way they meet the needs of the people they support. All nominees must show exceptional commitment and a skilled approach to prioritising wellbeing.


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