NAPA are delighted to announce that the following organisations are NAPA Recognised Suppliers, with the training companies providing NAPA Recognised CPD Courses.

Please contact the provider direct for further information on their courses and services.


Contact Name: Isobel Jones    Telephone: 0117 377 4756
Category: Activity provision and care staff training

Enrich activities with training from Alive.

Alive is the UK’s leading charity enriching the lives of older people in care and training their carers. Through meaningful activity sessions, training, community engagement programmes and advocacy, we aim to put psychological wellbeing at the heart of care.

We know that meaningful engagement and outstanding activity require creativity, innovation, teamwork and a genuine love of people. Our person-centred, responsive Training and Coaching courses can support and empower your staff to provide the meaningful activity and day to day engagement your residents need. Our courses are proven to inspire, enthuse and provide the skills needed for your staff to enrich the lives of the older people with whom they work – all day every day.

We offer a variety of set in-house training courses and bespoke courses which can be delivered nationwide at any of your care settings:

  • Engaging with people living with dementia
  • One to one work with older people
  • Life story work and reminiscence with older people
  • iPads with older people
  • Providing meaningful activities for older people
  • Co-production


Ensure your staff have the skills and confidence they need to deliver truly outstanding activity.

Create Centre,
Smeaton Road,
Bristol, BS1 6XN

Bright Shadow

Contact Name: Clare Thomas    Telephone: 01227 467 272
Category: Activity provision and care staff training

Bright Shadow is a dementia friendly arts charity; our mission is to enable people with dementia and their carers to live well and thrive through engagement in meaningful creative activities.

We run Zest – participatory creative sessions for people affected by dementia in care homes and in the community. Our independently evaluated approach has been proven to increase self-expression, boost mood, increase active participation and social interaction.

Bright Shadow believes in Brighter Quality Care and also offers staff development training and resources that are designed to discover, encourage and nurture the best in your people.

Our Activities – Out of The Box course will leave people with an understanding of how activities can contribute to a person’s wellbeing, lots of ideas for new activities, more confidence in facilitating activities and have learned approaches to planning activity sessions.

“This training blew my mind! This training has shown me a different way of taking a creative approach to everything…”

Beach House
Beach Street
Herne Bay
Kent, CT6 5PT

The Daily Sparkle

Contact Name: Carla Chase    Telephone: 0800 228 9698
Category: Activity Recording, Activity Resources, Dementia, Health & wellbeing, Technology and Training.

The Daily Sparkle develops activity resources for care homes, hospitals etc. The resources include the UK’s most successful, most used resource: The Daily Sparkle reminiscence newspapers. We have now developed the world’s first personalised daily newspaper, featuring an individual’s life history & personal interests in a reminiscence newspaper format.

Dartington Space,
Dartington Hall,
Devon, TQ9 6EN

Dementia Adventure

Contact Name: Simon Thorp    Telephone: 01245 237548
Category: Charity

Dementia Adventure is an evidence-led charity and social enterprise based in Essex, United Kingdom, working nationally and internationally with a following in over 130 countries. We empower people to live better with dementia through supported holidays, training, research and consultancy services – all with nature in mind.

Unit 11 Old Park Farm,
Main Road,
Ford End CM3 1LN

Move it or Lose it

Contact Name: Julie Robinson    Telephone: 0800 612 7785
Category: Over 60s health and wellbeing

We are specialists in exercise for the over 60s. Our instructor training course called FABS was created with University of Birmingham centre for healthy ageing research. We have a range of eLearning and CPD courses available to help people live healthier, happier and more active lives.

Universities Centre,
Holt Street,
Birmingham, B74 4BP

OM Interactive Ltd

Contact Name: Russell Harwood    Telephone: 01442 215 555    Category: Technology

OMI are pioneers in the development of motion-activated projections on floors, walls and tables for multi-sensory use. Their award winning Mobii interactive table provides adults in care with meaningful person-centred activities that encourage movement, positive outlook, communication and social connectedness with powerful visuals, games, quizzes, music, natural world and reminiscence content. These include virtual rock pools, butterfly meadows, childhood shops, transport memorabilia and dramatic scenery; something for everyone. The system is fully mobile and height adjustable so it can be used wherever interactivity is required. It can be easily customised with personal photos and music to provide even greater personalisation.

Twitter: @OMInteractive1 
Facebook: @OMInteractive1
1 Avebury Court,
Mark Road,
Hemel Hempstead,
Herts, HP2 7TA


Contact Name: Mrs Z Duke   Telephone: 07786 281 249    Category: Activity workshops / Health & Wellbeing / Training

We are a national training provider with 20yrs+ experience we specialise in face to face, in-house workshops which ensure the safe delivery of basic seated activities for less able seniors. We also offer open training sessions in a variety of locations.

Motivational and cost-effective our Seated Physical Activity (SPA) workshops enable learners to bring physical activities into everyday home life, which can lead to increasing the mobility and independence of the individual.

We understand the complexities of health & social care and ensure our training is both realistic and achievable for most physical and mental abilities.

Twitter: @ReVitalyz_SPA
Facebook: @ReVitalyz
37 Preston Road
Hants PO2 7JT

Romila – Chair Based Dance For All

Contact Name: Natalie Koromila    Telephone: 01157520730/07947515020    Category: Activities / Entertainment / Training

Romila is a Chair based exercise programme specifically designed, to get our ageing population exercising whilst having fun.

Through Romila, care homes can purchase a license, in exchange for X amount of staff to be trained to deliver the fun chair-based dance sessions on a regular basis to their elderly clients. The training is accessed via an Engaging Online platform accessible 24/7 to cater to all learning styles and offer great flexibility.

Anyone can be trained, no pre-existing dance/fitness qualifications required. Everything is provided – Online course, step by step videos, quarterly music, supportive templates, use of Props and t-shirt, ongoing support.

Twitter: @RomilaWellBeing
25 Betts Avenue,
Nottingham, NG15 6UP

Shift 8*

Telephone: 0208 003 1074    Category: Technology

The Tovertafel (Magic Table) is an award-winning Dutch innovation. It’s a series of interactive light games projected onto any table for people with mid-to-late stage dementia, stimulating physical, cognitive and social activity. Watch our Sky News feature to see the positive impact Tovertafel is having.
At Shift8*, it’s not just about the technology. We’re devoted to its implementation, through training, exceptional service and a community programme encouraging intergenerational activity. What we do is backed by scientific research and we chart our success by the moments of happiness we create, believing everyone has the right to play and to lead a fulfilling life.

14 City Lights Court,
6 Bowden Street,
SE11 4DX

Step Change Design Ltd

Contact Name: Debbie Carroll or Mark Rendell    Telephone: 002380 685 193 or 01766 530 824
Culture change, Management support, Training, Garden Advice & Design

Culture change is at the heart of our work to enable increasingly active and meaningful engagement with the outside space. Here are some of the ways we can help:

Culture change consultants and trainers
Management-focused materials and support
Care Culture Map and Handbook
Garden Design advice and guidance
Appropriate and achievable outdoors/garden activities specific to your care culture practices
Workshops and Presentations
Research publications and articles

We offer workshops, consultations and design support based on our research into why gardens in care settings are not more actively used even when designed to the latest guidance. We identified the key role of care culture, its practices, processes and attitudes, in influencing engagement levels with the garden.

Our thought-provoking and interactive, CPD accredited workshops explore many ways to create more meaningful engagement for residents outdoors.

Our full research findings can be found in ‘The Care Culture Map & Handbook’ tool which supports a home’s culture change journey towards greater person-centred care.

104 Newtown Road,
Southampton, SO19 9HQ


Contact Name: Cameron Graham    Telephone: 0141 816 0373
Activity Recording, Activity Resources, Dementia, Entertainment and Technology

Activities and Care Management software for senior care providers with an emphasis on simplicity, visual design and ease-of-use.

Staff use StoriiCare to record the day-to-day care they provide, improving efficiency and enabling relatives from around the world to connect with their loved ones in care.

  • Schedule and record all your activities in one place
  • Display your activity schedule on TV screens
  • Generate detailed activity analytics
  • Build music playlists for residents
  • Connect families from around the world to their loved one’s profiles

Start a 14 day free trial today at

Twitter: @storiicare
Facebook: @storricare
Linkedin: @storiicare
35 Kingsland Road
Shoreditch, London, E2 8AA

Vocal Vitality

Contact Name: Susan Garrett    Telephone: 0203 488 0622 / 07521 928 991   Category: Training & Entertainment

Our Training Course gives Activities Co-ordinators and care staff the confidence to conduct lively, fun sing-alongs that engage care home residents of all abilities. Group singing is proven to benefit care home residents and staff alike, and could help boost your CQC rating. Contact us to find out more about our Reminiscence activities, Training or Songbook Programmes.

Clockhouse Road,
Kent, BR3