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Job title – Head of Activities and Entertainment

Location – Cricklewood, London

Hours ( if fixed or shift pattern) – 40 hours per week.

Role/responsibility –

Main Responsibilities

Activity Organisation:


·         To support residents to express their individual interests, wishes and requests and respond appropriately to these choices and facilitate their realisation where possible.

·         To provide a suitable planned timetable of activities for all of our residents and encourage and support residents to access this.

·         To continue the development of person-centred activity programmes adopting a multi-disciplinary approach where necessary and give due consideration to the residents’ personal, social and cultural needs.

·         To have hands-on responsibility for implementing activities.

·         To make ongoing assessments of individuals’ requirements and ability for recreational activity.

·         To ensure “moving in” is a positive experience for our residents.

·         To promote staff participation in activities and encourage contributions to the programme development.

·         To liaise with the Hotel Services Manager with regard to the allocation of staff to the unit to assist in activities and daily services.

·         To obtain purchasing permission from the Hotel Services Manager for all stock activity items

·         Ensure that each resident is involved and engaged in activity at least once per day.




Community Engagement:


·         Spend as long as required to actively promoting the care home within the local community and sourcing new contacts and groups that can assist with resident activity and PR.

·         Find ways to bring these community groups (i.e. Women’s Institute, Round Table, Bridge Clubs and others) into the home and provide them with a positive experience which also benefits our residents.

·         Assist the Home Manager and Hotel Services Manager in marketing activity to ensure this is the Home of choice in the local area, identifying sources for admissions.

·         To be responsible for arranging outings and guest speakers by agreement with the Hotel Services Manager so that adequate staff cover can be arranged.  Each resident should go on at least 2 trips per year.

·         To arrange entertainers to visit the home to a maximum of one per month.

·         To assist the Hotel Services Manager and Home Manager in planning the care home’s special events, such as garden parties, coffee mornings, fashion shows etc, involving local community, maximising the value of events from a PR perspective.

·         Develop a programme of religious services in the Home for residents to attend if they wish, as well as taking residents outside to attend local services.

·         To promote the Home’s activities by inclusion in local community group newsletters and publications

·         Promote the facilities the Home can offer to local community groups, i.e. cafe facilities, meeting room hire, day centre and respite facilities.

·         Develop a programme of annual events that the local community can be invited to.




·         To arrange and participate in the care of animals in the Home

·         To encourage resident participation and interaction with the animals in the home on a regular basis


Head of Department Duties


·         Ensure there is a planned activities programme for the month ahead on display which has content relevant to the resident mix in the Home.

·         Ensure a record is kept of each resident’s hobbies, interests abilities and preferences.

·         Ensure entries are made regarding each resident’s participation in activities on at least a daily basis.

·         Manage activity budget within planned limits and arrange fundraising events to boost activity budget.

·         Work alongside the Hotel Services Manager in personalising resident rooms and memory boxes.

·         Responsibility for setting up reminiscence rooms (ends of corridors, available communal rooms).

·         Oversee Wellbeing Facilitator duties to ensure objectives are met.

·         Conduct regular supervision meetings with direct reports, including Activity Lead.

·         Conduct annual appraisal for direct reports, including activity lead.




·         To attend regular staff meetings and training.

·         To act at all times in a professional manner to visitors, staff and residents within the home.

·         To leave the department safe and presentable at all times.

·         To assist in the maintenance of a safe and healthy working environment by ensuring adherence to TLC Care Health & Safety policies and procedures.

·         Duty to whistle blow if witness bad practice or harm to a resident within the care home.



·         Theatre Play:

·         The “Play” production project will use theatrical tools to bring the residents legacy to life. The postholder will use the resident’s memorabilia, photos, favourite music and audio recordings of their stories to create a theatre play. The play will celebrate their lives and will involve the whole team as part of the casting production.  The main aim of the project is to celebrate each resident’s life and allow the residents to understand their value at their home and how they enrich each other’s lives.

·         Choir Project:

·         Align the best in class for singing from all TLC care homes, this is to include both Residents and Team Members. The team members involved will be part of a TLC Care Choir.


·         Memory Boxes:

·         A Memory Box will reflect important aspects of an individual’s life via objectives/mementos. This project is already implemented and requires full consistency and review.

·         Our Yesterdays:

·         Full implementation of Our Yesterdays programmes further to the trials undertaken at Cooperscroft and Camberley.

·         Dementia Strategy:

·         In partnership with the Operations and Quality & Compliance Director, allocate each team member to championing the implementation of the Dementia Strategy within all TLC care homes.

·         PR Promotion:

·         Take full responsibility for all the PR for the home related to Wellbeing and Activities, from community to social media, ensuring consistency and accuracy for all communications/postings created on behalf of the Care Home.

·         Residents Life stories and impact in life to be created:

·         Case Studies for residents and team members, 5 random cases per quarter, to be evaluated by the Outstanding committee and to be submitted to HHS and COO consistently every quarter.

·         Future Projects:

·         To be fully supportive in the Induction of new team members and to be involved in any company initiatives and hoc projects as required.



Minimum qualification requirement

  • Ability to communicate effectively at all levels
  • Professional, neat appearance
  • Ability to manage own time, prioritising and organising work appropriately
  • Attention to detail
  • Work on own initiative, unsupervised


How to apply, who to – apply via website or email to

Closing date – 30th September

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