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NAPA Comic Relief Choir Project Report


Project Aim:

To encourage mutually respectful and caring relationships between residents and care staff by sharing a common interest in singing and choral singing in particular and to boost morale in the staff member and well-being in the residents.


Choirs, consisting of staff, residents and relatives. were set up in six care homes owned by Fremantle Trust and Greensleeves Care. These homes were chosen for the project by NAPA, due to the fact that they all have ‘Good’ CQC ratings and are owned by charities who place a great deal of importance in the provision of activities. Six professional singing facilitators were recruited and attended a training workshop at the beginning of the project. They delivered a total of 72 choir sessions in the six homes, coming in on a fortnightly basis for six months. The choir groups sang familiar songs, learned some new ones and in one home, wrote their own song. They also learned about singing and performing techniques. Staff buddies in each home were encouraged to attend sessions with residents and to talk about the project in-between sessions and provide encouragement, sharing the experience with the residents. Staff helped evaluate the project by filling in well-being assessment forms with the residents and writing in their own reflective diaries. Facilitators filled in feedback forms for each session and an exit form at the end of the project. Links with local community groups, including a local young peoples’ theatre, college and local choir groups were made for three of the six homes and people from these groups joined with the care home choirs and took part in the celebration events. Each home held a celebration event at the end of these sessions, where the choir performed the songs they had been singing to an audience of other residents, staff, family and friends.Click here to open the full report –  Click here to open the full report