#SanctuaryCare and @NAPAlivinglife mark 20 years of bringing joy to care home residents

Opening Doors to support Care choices

The CQC has been shining a light on the critical area of care choices. They launched their new ‘Care Aware’ service, which aims to raise the profile of regulatory insight to help support decision making around care. Full details of the campaign can be found here. Within the headlines of this campaign launch was a very powerful statistic about the level of stress that choosing a care home created for individuals – with 70% rating it as comparable to life’s most stressful decisions such as choosing their child’s school or getting married. There is a very easy to interpret infographicthat supports this campaign which gives you a quick overview of the decision making factors –I wonder if you would have ranked these factors in the same way?
With this in mind, it is great news that Care Home Open Day is on the horizon. This annual opportunity for care homes around the UK, and across the globe to showcase exactly what happens behind the doors of a care home has grown in strength and impact – and as the CQC research shows – enables families and potential residents a chance to see for themselves just what care home have to offer.
Care Home Open Day 2018
This year’s Care Home Open Day will be held on 21st April 2018 and is all about Linking Communities. It’s a chance to celebrate all the different people, cultures and relationships in your area and show your community that care homes are friendly, happy and exciting places to be. It’s a great way to get to know local organisations, schools and groups in your community and establish meaningful friendships along the way.
This year we have teamed up with CommonAge and NCF and aligned Care Home Open Day with International Care Home Open Day. Both organisations make a huge difference to older people across the globe and have a wealth of excellent ideas to help you connect with care homes around the world and find out how they are celebrating across different nations.
A big part of Care Home Open Day is about bringing the community through your doors, so make sure to use our resources which will help you dream up exciting ideas to attract guests on the day and support you in writing to your local press to spread the word about your event. Remember – if the community doesn’t know about it, they can’t join you for the party!
Full details of Care Home Open Day in the UK and around the world can be found here