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Activity Ideas

+ 101 things to do – Click to download
+ Create your own Orange Tea light holders – Click to download
+ Herbal Scent Tea Party – Click to download
+ Mini Christmas Cakes – Click to download
+ Poinsettia Serviette Ring – Click to download
+ Mullied Wine – Click to download

+ Chocolate Chip & Ginger Cookie Cups – Click here to dowload


+ Scrabble Letters – Click to download
+ Sequin Angels – Click to download
+ Snow Globe Cupcakes With Gelatine Bubbles – Click to download
+ Stain Glass Windows – Click to download
+ Sweetie Snowmen – Click to download

+ DIY Painted Feathers – Click to download




Recommended Reading

Continuing Professional Development

Gaining a qualification is only the start of the journey to continually improve working practices. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is important to support best practice and to develop as an individual.

In this section there are articles that can be used as part of the reading requirement for CPD for all students who have completed their Activity Worker or Activity Leader qualifications and wish to stay on the appropriate registers. The articles also make interesting reading for anyone involved in the care sector.

If you would like more information on how to become a NAPA registered Activity Worker or Activity Leader, or need a record sheet, please contact:


+ Benchmarking Good Practice Booklet – Click to download
+ Connect with us- Dementia services – Click to download
+ How is that person spending their day – Click to download
+ Non Verbal Communication – Click to download
+ Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained – Risk Guidance for people with         Dementia – Click to download
+ Reminiscence and life history – Click to download
+ Reviewing Care Plans in light of recent Care Laws on Deprivation of Liberty Living Life Autumn 2014 – Click to download
+ Soap Box- Doll Therapy Living Life Winter 2014 – Click to download
+ Soap Box- Funded or Fundraising to support Activity Provision Living Life Summer 2015 – Click to download
+ Soap Box- Individual Activities Living Life Autumn 2014 – Click to download
+ Soap Box- Why do we always want something new Living Life Spring 2015 – Click to download
+ Stokes Moments – Click to download

+ Providing Activities for People with Dementia- Click to download

+ Expert by Experience – Living Life Spring Issue 4 (2017)- Click to download


Unilever Download

+ Getting Publicity for your Care Setting- UFS – Click to download

Poetry Corner

These poems have been sent in by NAPA Members, click the title of the poem to download.

Somebody Smiled at me Today

Spring Poem

Summer Poem

Poems by Sammy

The Queen




+ Successful Activity Ideas for people living with Dementia (Conference 2015) – Click to download

Right Royal Street Party Ideas

+ Filled Brioche Centrepiece –  Click to download
+ Getting the Community into Care Settings – Click to download
+ Jelly Bean Juibilee Union Jack Cake – Click to download
+ Make This Sweet Homemade Rose Petal Potpourri – Click to download
+ Mexican Street Food – Click to download
+ Mini Fish n Chips in newspaper cones – Click to download
+ Mini Yorkshire puds with roast beef – Click to download
+ Photo Booth printables – Click to download
+ Photobooth ideas – Click to download
+ Rainbow Button Cake Decorations – Click to download
+ Tea Party Cake – Click to download
+ Union Jack Sponge Cake – Click to download
+ Welsh Rarebit – Welsh Rarebit
+ White peach and elderflower jellies – Click to download


Things to do

+ Issue 2 – 2014Click to download

+ Issue 3 – 2014Click to download

+ Issue 4 – 2014 – Click to download

+ Issue 1 – 2015 – Click to download 

+ Issue 2 – 2015 – Click to download

+ Issue 3 – 2015 – Click to download

+ Issue 4 – 2015Click to download


+ Issue 5 – 2016Right Royal Special Issue – Click to download

+ Issue 1 – 2016Click to download

+ Issue 2 – 2016Click to download

+ Issue 3 – 2016Click to download

+ Issue 4 – 2017 – Click to download

Here are a few great videos demonstrating meaning engagement. If you have any suggestions of others please do let us know.