Activity Providers – Skills and Talents
Can we find another word for Activity?

Sudden Death and Activity Provision

What’s the link? Life, love and laughter right to the very end.

membership_imageThis unique report compares the training and development of Activity Providers in Australia, the USA and the UK and makes recommendations for the UK care sector to consider and NAPA to aim for in the future.

Funded by a Winston Churchill Travelling fellowship Sylvie Silver, the Executive Director of NAPA, visited care settings and representative organisations in New York, Washington, Rochester, Sydney and Adelaide to see first- hand how they addressed the provision of activities and ensured meaningful , purposeful engagement for the people they supported.

Sylvie met many frontline staff as well as senior managers in her quest to really understand not only what training was provided but what training was really needed to provide the best care in relation to lifestyle, leisure and recreation. Her easy to read report should stimulate thinking around this vital topic and lead to improved Activity Provision in the future.