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Dementia the Montessori Way Supporting, independence, giving a sense of purpose and raising self esteem through activity

About this Event

Date And Time

Wednesday , 20 January 2021

10:00 – 15:30 GMT


To introduce the philosophical approach of the Montessori Way to provide theoretical framework for activity in care homes.

Learning Outcomes.

1. Understand the principles of the philosophy of the Montessori approach.

2. Understand the importance of invitation, courtesy and grace to support successful engagement with activity.

3. Understand the value of roles and a sense purpose for residents and how to enable self directed activity.

Dementia and Supported Living the Montessori Way

Dementia and Supported Living the Montessori Way is a philosophy of care that uses the original theories and principles of Dr Maria Montessori and runs as golden threads through every aspect of care, support and evidence-based practice of high quality dementia care.

The approach encompasses existing evidence-based practice of bio medical approaches, the seminal work of Tom Kitwood, Professor Dawn Brookers VIPS framework, the legal framework, the voice of a person living with dementia and other evidence based practice dementia and supported living interventions.

The Montessori community focusses on a person’s

• Strengths

• Abilities and skills

• Needs and interests

… wherever they are on their journey with dementia

Everyone needs to have a purpose, feel valued and have a reason to “get up in the morning”. This does not change when a person is living with dementia.

The environment is carefully prepared in accordance with current evidence-based practice and the Montessori principles of freedom, structure and order, beauty, nature and the social and intellectual environment.

People are invited to help with roles to give them purpose and enable them to fell a sense of community and belonging.

Activities throughout the day and night in groups or individually that are for fun or pleasure, sensory stimulation or comfort, cognitive stimulation, physical activity or for retraining lost skills.

This course will be delivered by Zoom and will include, presentations, discussion and reflection, case studies, quizzes and films.

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