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Tea Tuesday – Afternoon Tea with Isobel Jones

Come and see how creative you can be using all kinds of tech. Using technology in activity can sometimes feel slightly overwhelming. What tech do you use? How do you link an ipad with a tv? Older people aren’t interested? These are questions that have been asked so many times. Hopefully Tuesday Chat will bring you ideas and inspiration to fully embrace tech in many different forms into your activity practice.

Isobel Jones is CEO of Alive Activities, a charity which has been working with care homes for over 10 years. Alive were one of the first to use touchscreen technology and technology has played a huge role in their practice with older people ever since. They are always looking at innovative new ways of connecting with older people, whether it is through technology or through community connections. They see technology as being essential in care homes but are passionate about ensuring technology is used in a person centred way. They’ve adapted all their activity practice to digital in the pandemic and are currently delivering activity sessions and training via zoom.

Isobel grew up in a family that has always embraced technology – and she has seen the advantages tech can play with older people. Her Dad, in his 70’s was 2nd in the queue for an iPad when it first came out! She helped care for all 4 of her Grandparents who lived with varying forms of dementia which helped shape her career path. Working with Alive for 7 years, she has seen the development and use of technology grow with older people and is passionate that older people’s care and activity should be dynamic, person centred and a lot of fun!

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