Activity, Arts and Engagement In Dementia Care Training Day
Tea Tuesday – Afternoon Tea with Isobel Jones

Providing inclusive activities; meeting the engagement needs of black care home residents.

Hilary Woodhead is delighted to invite Chinno Wills-Cole to be her guest for our third Tea Tuesday conversation,


on the afternoon of the 27th October from 2.30 pm – 3.15pm

Please bring a cup of tea with you! 

#BlackHistorymonth #BlackLivesMatter #TeaTuesday

Chinno Wills-Cole –

Whilst studying for his Masters degree

Chinno specialised in understanding the effects of music on people living with dementia, specifically those from the BAME communities.  Chinno is a sports enthusiast, using his knowledge of football to engage young people at the YOS and help divert them away from antisocial and criminal behaviours.  Chinno engages in lots of community volunteering programmes, notably, he trained as a Dementia Friend with the Alzheimer’s Society and also carried out research with PepperPot Day Centre, an Afro-Caribbean community centre for people living with dementia.  Chinno welcomes any collaboration with organisations focusing on improving the lives of people living with dementia, their families and carers.

Chinno has a BA (Hons) Social Policy and Criminology, a Diploma in Business and Administration and a MSc Dementia Care.  He acts as a mentor to young people through Youth Offenders Service (YOS) and Community Reparations, dealing with Court Referral Orders (CRO) and chairing Restorative Justice Facilitation (RJF).  He is a Sessional Tutor, Adult & Community Education and a part time lecturer at University of West London. He is also a Data Manager, in SLaM NHS Foundation Trust, Liaison and Diversion.


Chinno aspires to undertake doctoral study and to continue in mental health services, leading research to highlight issues of lack of data/records on people who may be going through early stages of dementia but are not picked up during L&D assessments.  Chinno also aspires to research if there is a possible correlation with a young person’s antisocial/criminal behaviour and a diagnosis of dementia of a loved one.

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