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In recognition of Mental Health Day, NAPA is focusing on the importance of conversation.
225,000 older people in the UK often go a whole week without speaking to anyone. At NAPA we believe that everybody has the right to a decent conversation every day! Sometimes in care homes, we need to make a concerted effort to ensure this happens. Conversation is crucial for well being.
Having a conversation…
. Think about what you are going to talk about
. With the person’s permission remove or reduce distractions
. Relax and take your time
. Match your mood to theirs
. Be warm and friendly
. Introduce yourself
. Use the person’s name
. Consider using pictures and or objects
. Be open to laughter and tears and respond with kindness
. Ask simple and straightforward questions
. Be interested in everything the person says, whether you have heard it before or not
. If words are muddled, look for the meaning through facial expression, tone of voice and body language
. Share your news in small bite-sized pieces
. Thank the person for their time
. Say goodbye – shaking hands is a strong indication you are saying goodbye or lightly touch their arm, should that feel appropriate
. Enjoy the conversation
Tell us! We would love to hear about your conversations, Did you learn something new about a person? Through conversation were you able to support somebody in distress effectively? Please share on Facebook and Twitter or email us –
If you need support call our helpline ☎️ 02070789375 or 📧
We will select at random a care setting to receive a NAPA Activities goody bag in recognition of Conversations in care Homes for World Mental Health Day
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