World Mental Health Day
Black History Month
Are you watching The Great British Bake Off we are asking our NAPA Members, supporters and members of the public to host a bake-off or bake sale in aid of NAPA. It can be as big or as small an event as you like!
During National Baking Week 14th-20th October 2019, we are inviting you to rise to the challenge and become a NAPA star baker.
* Be mindful of allergies – maybe provide an ingredients list with the bakes. Cakes should be baked in keeping with your food hygiene policy.*
Option 1. Bake sale
Simply bake or ask others to bake and charge people per piece of bake/cake.
You could also consider selling off the cakes in a ‘Best Decorated category’ to raise extra funds.
Option 2. Bake Off
Ask guests to pay a fee per token to enter and give them tokens to taste the bakes and a voting sheet. They can taste up to five bakes and vote for their favourites. Then tot up which bakes have received the most votes and have a trophy or small prize for the winning bake. A bake perhaps!
Things to consider:
1. Bakers: who will bake? residents, relatives, friends colleagues, the local nursery, school, college?
2. Judges: who will judge the bakes? Maybe one of your residents, relative, the care home manager? Or if you are holding a bake-off at home, a family member or friend who really knows their stuff about baking could judge.
3. Recipes: what recipes will you follow? If you are including residents in your baking, Gianna has some really good recipes for you –
If you want to be really adventurous then why not use recipes from a technical or showstopper challenge?
Tea Party Showstopper Cake – Click here
To find recipes on the GBBO website – click here
You don’t even need to make just sweet bakes why not bake bread, pastries, quiches, pizzas, pies?
Pizza Muffin recipe – Click here
4. A venue: a care home, day centre, dementia cafe, home or local community event
5. Remember! If you holding your event in a care home or day centre then the bakes must be made on the premises with the oversight of the kitchen.
The winning bake could even be sold at a higher price! Be creative, you can do this your way. There are no rules, just baking, having fun and raising funds!
* Be mindful of allergies – maybe provide an ingredients list with the bakes. Cakes should be baked in keeping with your food hygiene policy.*
Thank you!
Your bake-off or bake sale could help us to fund the NAPA Helpline. The Helpline is a free resource for staff working in any care setting who are providing opportunities for activities and engagement and for families unsure about how best to plan appropriate activities for their loved ones.
* £5 could help us fund half an hour on the helpline
* £10 could help fund 1 hour responding to helpline emails
* £20 could fund 2 hours of our skilled staff time
Every penny helps and the more you can support us then The NAPA helpline the more support The NAPA Helpline can provide.
Sharing bakes is not just a great way of connecting with the wider community, it can also improve the well-being or all involved. This is a simple and fun way of raising money and can really make a difference!
On your marks, get set, bake!
After your baking extravaganza is complete simply send us an email and let us know how it went! We would love to see photographs of baking and eating! We can then let you know how to send your donation in.
You will receive a certificate from NAPA thanking you for being a NAPA Star Baker!