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OM Interactive Ltd

OM Interactive Ltd

Contact Name: Russell Harwood    Telephone: 01442 215 555

OMI were the first company in the world to create interactive projection surfaces for sensory use in 2005.

Their latest product, the mobile Mobii table, was awarded the National Dementia Care Outstanding Product Award 2018 for its ability to deliver meaningful activities ‘on the move’ for people at all stages of dementia and the wider home community of staff, family and friends.

Using gesture and motion, the activities engage and empower users both physically and emotionally with colourful visuals, games, quizzes, music, natural world and reminiscence content. These include virtual rock pools, butterfly meadows, childhood street games, transport memorabilia, dramatic scenery to paint and ball sports; something for everyone.

The system is fully mobile and height adjustable so it can be used in any room and on any horizontal surface including beds and floors. With options to customise the content with individual’s own photos, artwork and music, there is scope to really personalise the activities for those in your care.

Free demonstrations in your own home to assess the potential benefits are always available.

Twitter: @OMInteractive1 
Facebook: @OMInteractive1
Email: care@omi.uk
Website: www.omi.uk
1 Avebury Court,
Mark Road,
Hemel Hempstead,
Herts, HP2 7TA