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Families and friends to be reunited with loved ones in care homes as visits restart- New guidance published

We are delighted to launch NAPA’s National Day of Conversation and Connection: Tea Tuesday – August 11th 2020


We invite you to spend a day connecting with family, friends, colleagues, and the people you support.  Put the kettle on, put your feet up and chat, in person or virtually, with one person or a hundred! It’s up to you.


Tea Tuesday is all about making time to be together, to enjoy spending time together, to relax together – virtually or in person.

We hope you will join us in celebrating the importance of Conversation and Connection on Tuesday the 11th August and we invite you to support NAPA by organising a fundraising event and helping us to continue our work.

The ‘Get Involved’ NAPA Fundraising Pack will tell you more about NAPA and the work we do. You can find everything you need in there, including come inspirational ideas, tips, and tricks on how to organise a really great fundraiser. The ‘Celebrate Tea Tuesday’ Pack provides ideas for tea themed events and activities and links to recipes and resources to help you plan activities not only for Tuesday the 11th but also for the whole of afternoon week, which runs from the 10th-16th August.

We hope you enjoy planning your events and activities. We would love to hear how you get on. All information about how to donate is included in your ‘Get Involved’ NAPA Fundraising Pack Click here

If you have any questions please contact us at