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New Podcast- Hilary & Sylvia discussing the value of the Helpline to Activity staff, carers and family carers

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Thinking about a career in Activity provision?

In this Podcast,  recorded for a recent careers event.  Hilary Woodhead, NAPA’s Executive Director talks about the charity’s work, her personal journey and career.  To find out more about becoming an Activity Professional, training, qualifications and career progression, contact

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Introducing The NAPA Helpline Pack for Managers 

We are delighted to launch the NAPA Helpline Pack for Managers. A resource pack, with promotional materials included, to help managers promote the Helpline with their teams.

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Hilary Woodhead and Sylvia Cowleard chat about the NAPA Helpline and how this free service can help managers.

Click below to download the NAPA Helpline pack.

Dear Manager

Helpline – poster

Help your staff improve their day

How can the helpline help managers


helpline business cards

Helpline postcards