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We are delighted to announce that Susanne Syme has joined NAPA’s panel of expert volunteers as our Special Adviser for Physical Activity.


Since the first lockdown began in 2020, hundreds of thousands of people have died. Too many lives have been cut short and millions have been bereaved.

Behind the statistics and whatever the cause, every death has been devastating for the people left behind. Many have been unable to properly say goodbye to their loved ones, comfort or even hug each other.

As a nation, we need to acknowledge the millions in silent pain. So join us on 23 March, the first anniversary of the first UK lockdown, for a National Day of Reflection.


Let’s come together and reflect on this tragic loss of life, show support for people who’ve been bereaved and celebrate the lives of all those who’ve died.


There are still tough times ahead, as the death toll continues to rise. So whatever your background, whatever your beliefs, and whatever you’ve been through, please join us for our first National Day of Reflection.


This annual day will give us all time to pause and think about this unprecedented loss we’re facing, and support each other through grief in the years to come.


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Would you like to write a 4-line poem (quatrain) this World Poetry Day – March 21st

Share your reflections with family or friends, display them where you live, or send them to NAPA and we will share them a couple of days later our social media channels to mark The National Day of Reflection – March 23rd


Many of us have a favourite poem, or a limerick, or lyric from a song. They can make us laugh, or cry, keep us going, or reminisce.

A poem can tell a story. It can say I love you. Or I miss you. Or thank you. It can say ‘today is a good day’ or ‘today I am feeling blue’. A poem can be rude, or political, happy or sad.  When it’s your poem, it can be anything you want it to be.

Four-line poems, sometimes called quatrains, are a good way of capturing a moment or a feeling.

NAPA will select poems to be included in a digital book of poetry in memory of those we have lost.


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