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Nominate your top tunes

Does your care home have its own favourite songs to listen to? You know, the ones that always get everyone smiling, tapping, singing or even dancing?

M4d radio is compiling a ‘UK Care Homes’ Top 10 Favourite Songs’ list for everyone to enjoy, and they’d like your help in creating it.

The dementia-friendly internet radio station wants to know which songs or tunes you’d nominate in order to assemble its ‘Top of the Pops-style’ playlist. Think of the ones that always manage to lift the mood and you’re on the right lines.

The top-voted tunes will be played at a date in the autumn on the Mix station of m4d Radio, which plays music from 1930s – 1970s.


Simply enter your song selection via this Google form to join in with the fun. There’s also an optional space for you to say why you’ve chosen the songs.

NAPA News will let you know when the playlist will be made into an hour-long programme on the radio station so you can listen to see which of your choices have made it to the top of the care home hit parade!

You’ll be able to say, ‘They’re playing our tune’ and know that you made it happen.

Closing date- Sunday 13th September


Why not run an activity or reminiscence session asking everyone what song they would choose, to create your shortlist of 3-5 top tunes?